30th Annual Lambda Literary Award

I want queer writers to create the work that they want to put into the world, regardless if all of the work does or does not meet the expectations of those who read it.” Roxane Gay

Lambda Literary Award


“The Thinker and the Lover,” Henriette mused

The Art Dive

Mira Tudor_Poets, Artists, Lovers. A Novel_ebook cover_blog_smThe Thinker and the Lover,” Henriette mused as her eyes glided over the movie poster. “Interesting. ‘Inspired by the novel Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse.’” She turned to Ela and Pamfil. “Have you read this book?”

“No,” they both said in unison.

“So does this mean the thinker doesn’t love, and the lover doesn’t think?” Henriette quipped, heartily amused at the notion.

“We’ll see,” Pamfil said. “I imagine it’s probably about personality dominants than a clear-cut dichotomy. I read somewhere that the ‘lover’ is an artist, so he clearly thinks a bit,” he added with a smile.

Some two hours later they were outside again, walking down Dacia Boulevard to Romana Square.

“So how did you like it?” Pamfil asked.

“I liked that the artist was also a wanderer. Many artists are wanderers at heart,” Henriette said.

“I felt sad for the scholar,” Pamfil said. “He helped…

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If women…


If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women

– –

There is a particular look about a teenage boy that lets you know what kind of man he’ll be. A certain fullness of lips, a frank sensuality in his gaze. We all know what the word for that is, but it’s not polite to use it until he’s proven he’s that kind of boy.

Andrew didn’t mind that he never came when they had sex. Bianca would climb on top of him and ride his pubis, grinding her clit until she spasmed and fell on top of him, exhausted and mumbling about love. He liked the way it got him excited and sometimes, later he would take care of himself. He really just wanted to feel the power of her body on top of his, to know that he was exciting to her. Besides, what are orgasms when compared to true love?

Call for Submissions – The Intimacy of Survival

Women and Words

Please feel free to share:

A call for submissions in response to the harder times that have come back around.

Do you remember surreptitiously flipping through your library’s card catalog to search out who you were and finding only references to “the male homosexual” or “sexuality, aberrant” and no listings at all for gender? Did you strain to hear when your parents lowered their voices to talk about “those” women who lived together in a house at the end of the block? Do you remember the closet? Do remember the Johns Committee? How about the Reagan era when access to women’s, to all people’s, healthcare was curtailed, people with disabilities lost access to key services, and the AIDS crisis emerged?

Those of us who survived these years can help recreate the edifices of care and activism that we once constructed for ourselves and then perhaps abandoned because they were no…

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Las mujeres y la soledad son los temas recurrentes de las ilustraciones de Idalia Candelas. Sus dibujos son una mezcla de tinta, acuarelas y collage combinados con ilustración digital. Vemos la soledad al pie de la puerta, como el único visitante de estas obras silenciosas y seductoras de mujeres relajándose. Pero no son solo las mujeres las que están solas, la soledad existe también en los propios espacios…


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