Call to Arms charity anthology and The Refugee Council

CALL TO ARMS testAs those who were involved in preparing our charity anthology CALL TO ARMS – and, hopefully, also those who bought copies and enjoyed them – may remember, all the proceeds from the sale of this volume go directly to the Refugee Council. We sent them their first ‘royalty payment’ at the end of February, and in return they kindly sent us a letter of thanks and a copy of their ‘Impact Report’ for 2016-17 to enable us to see where our contribution is likely to be spent.

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Memory Chest- a story

Memory Chest by Andrea Demetrius



Lucian is making a last minute trip somewhere in the Balkan region to re-visit a departed friend on the local All Souls’ Day.

He is currently facing plenty of changes in his life, so maybe it’s time to take one more chance, and test the limits of this peek between the worlds the customs of the place allows him on this particular day.

They say this’s a time when a spell cast by a witch can achieve truly exponential results, and its desired outcome is almost always guaranteed, but will this warlock dare break a promise made to an old lover?


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Turkish Garbage Collectors Open Library Full of Discarded Books By Thom Peart

Turkish Garbage Collectors Open Library Full of Discarded Books

Turkish garbage collectors in the country’s capital city of Ankara have opened a public library that is full of books that were originally destined to be put into landfill. The workers began collecting discarded books and opened the new library in the Çankaya district of Ankara. News of the library has spread and now people have begun donating books directly to the library, rather than throwing them away.

Dorian Dawes, Ethics in World-Building

Ethics in World-Building: Lovecraft & Cosmic Horror by Dorian Dawes

Lovecraft’s influence on pop-culture is massive. His shadow looms like a tentacled horror rising out of the depths in movies, books, and especially games media. Cosmic horror calls to the imagination, forcing us not only to look to the stars and below the depths of the seas for terror, but also inward, and at our own insignificance in the universe. Delving into these tropes is a call to fantasy and existential terror, but navigating them and their loaded history can be tricky.

Much has been written on Lovecraft’s infamous xenophobia, racism, sexism, and queerphobia.

Call to Arms Anthology

Call to Arms

Modern LGBTQ+ fiction of the Second World War

Seventeen stories, thirteen authors, a second war. Once again Manifold Press’s writers explore the lives of LGBTQ+ people and their war-time experience in cities, towns and countryside across the world.

Amidst war and peace, in the thick of violence or in an unexpected lull, these stories of the Second World War take the reader far and wide: through Britain, Europe, Asia and South America, from loss and parting to love and homecoming. As for home, it may be an ordinary house, or a prison camp, or a ship: but it is, in the end, where you find it, however far you have to go. Read this book, and make the journey yourself.

An anthology edited by Heloise Mezen.

All proceeds will be donated to the British Refugee Council.